Last year while in Jamaica, Mr. Chick and I were enjoying floating on the beautiful ocean on our resort-provided floaty.  It is actually a lounge chair pad that acts as a floatation device.  The resort we were vacationing at has beach access to a protected Ocean bay where the waves are almost flat and it is very shallow.  Perfect, for enjoying the sun and working on your bikini tan.  Well, Mr. Chick decided he wanted to turn over to sun his other half.  Watching him do this is always a little comical so I was watching the acrobatic show.  He almost lost his balance so he put his fist down, fingers first to stabilize himself on the ocean floor. At that exact moment, a sea urchin must have also wanted to see the show because Mr. Chick fisted fingers and the sea urchin’s splines make contact.  Our resort staff being the class-A amazing people they are, immediately transported him and me, as his sidekick, to the resort nurses station where they called in a traveling Dr. to treat him.  Our travel insurance paid everything our medical insurance didn’t cover.  May medical insurance plans won’t cover you when you are out of the country so travel insurance is very important.

While every plan is different and not all will cover everything, this is WHY we think travel insurance is important! Be sure to choose insurance and make sure you choose the plan that is best for you.

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