Robin MoranI want to be your Travel Advisor!

It seems fitting to have this picture on the about me page. I LIVE to travel. This picture was taken in an airport on our way to Jamaica during Covid. Yep, I traveled then and I was lucky enough to not get Covid during my travels. Point being, I decided that there were a two things I couldn’t live without. Seeing my Grandson was number one and number two was travel. We masked up and off we went. Interesting enough the prices were amazing during that time and we actually social distanced in Jamaica and Florida the same as we did at home.

At 19 years old, I drove myself to San Antonio Texas with my teenage sister in law. Life was taking me there, so off I went. I had never drove on a Freeway before, I had never used an interstate map, but I was up for the challenge. This was before GPS! Yes I am that old.

When I was 22 years old, I flew to Korea with a 15 month old baby. Just her and I. I had never flown before, but life was taking me there and I was up for the challenge. I would not recommend an international flight for your first experience, but as they say “Did you Die?”

After those two experiences life got busy and travel wasn’t high on the list. We did some quick adult trips to Vegas and lots of Road trip in our motorhome but not travel as I know it now.

When I was 39 my life changed and travel became a huge part of my life experiences. There was the Honeymoon (New husband) cruise to the Caribbean where I fell in love with islands and cruising. After that my daughter and I took a cruise, there was the New Year cruise with our adult children and my father and many more. Cruising is great and I really love it.

Then my husband wanted to try an All Inclusive in St. Martin. That week was so much fun. We saw the entire island and did just about every adventure possible. One evening we took a walk with a glass of wine up to the highest point on the resort to watch the Sunset. As we watched there was a cruise ship pulling away from the Island and for about 5 seconds I wished I was on that ship. Then I remembered in 6 months I would be on a ship and to enjoy each and every moment of this vacation.

For me visiting new and exciting places fills my memory with experiences that I will never forget. I have visited 22 States, 13 Caribbean Islands, 5 Mexico destinations, 3 European Countries and 2 Asian Countries. I have taken 6 cruises and a ton of Road Trips, (Not my favorite). There is a huge world out there and I want to see it all. As your Travel Advisor I want to show you as much of the world as you want to see!

MANY of my friends have asked me to help them plan vacations for years. I LOVE the treasure hunt to find vacations that lend value financially so the dollar goes as far as possible while making the trip AMAZING.

Please remember me as your travel Advisor when you want help with your next amazing vacation! Remember using a travel agent costs you NOTHING and we have access to special offers that are not offered to the general public.

Ready for an adventure? Let me make it happen!

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