Some Chicks travel believes everyone should take a vacation at least once a year. That doesn’t mean sitting home burning your vacation time doing household projects. It means working to live, not living to work, exploring the world or even your own State. I remember as a kid my parents took me an hour away and we explored Salt Lake City, Utah for a 3 day weekend. It is one vacation I will never forget because we did things that tourists do. We went to the Zoo, we explored historical sites and stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool!! I was in heaven. We didn’t drive for 2 long days trying to get somewhere, we just connected, ate out, and explored. If funds are tight let us get creative and help you plan an amazing vacation. Remember our services are FREE for you.

Taking a vacation is a way to recharge your batteries and to remember why you get up every morning going to work to make a living. We have financing plans to help you budget that cruise or all inclusive vacation.

How do you decide where to travel to? Ask your friends, coworkers, use social media and ask where people have been or better yet talk to Some Chick at Some Chicks travel and ask about places we have been. We can help you find the perfect vacation option. We have access to all the cruise lines, river cruise lines, all inclusive packages, Guided tours, and the best flights. We can make your experience an extraordinary experience. We offer Luxury experiences to budget friendly options. We will spend the time necessary to give you an amazing experience all at no cost to you.

Family going on VacationPlanning the vacation is half the fun. Work with us to find interesting things to do at each destination, help us help you by filling out our information questioners. We even have people that we collaborate with, at destinations that we haven’t traveled to “people that live there”, that we can utilize to get information on their city. The tell us where you should stay so you have access to public transportation, lodging that is close to places you want to visit they will help us with every detail.

If you are asking, what can you do that I can’t do? Similar to your financial planner, or banker or tax preparer we have experience and a team of agent that we can access to help figure out complicated situations and we have access to specials that are not offered on the regular DIY travel sites. You also get our knowledge of having traveled to many far away exotic places. We have made the mistakes so you don’t have to! If the airline changes your flight we will work with you to figure out if that change is the best option or if we should try to get a refund and rebook on a better flight. We have your back. We watch our emails every day so we know exactly what is happening on all our clients booked vacations. That way you don’t have to!

No matter if you are traveling alone, in pairs, as couples or as families we can take care of all your needs.


If you need reasons to travel we have them!

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Talk to us, we love travel and we want to make your trip the best one yet.

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