Corporate travel solutions you won’t regret


Corporate Travel womanSome Chicks Travel will handle every aspect of business travel for our clients who want to make sure their corporate budget is being taken into consideration. When you have an admin schedule your travel they are wearing many hats, you are one of many concerns that day. We provide service that takes into consideration budgets, best use of your time and getting you home in a manner that makes sense. Our service will take away the pressure from your in-house employees. We know your staff can book airline tickets and make reservations, but our services are FREE to you and usually we can provide better deals than your employees can find even if they have the time to really look.

We eliminate the stress of business travel so employees can do what they do best. We can service everyone in business from the CEO of large corporations to sales people that travel during the week for business, but want to be home on weekends to be with their family. We have access to private jet transportation as well as your regular business class flights.

Want to extend a business trip and see the city?  How about having us arrange for your family to join you after the business is done?  We do that too and we LOVE helping our business clients balance family and work in ways that expand the experience of visiting new places.  Visiting new places is one of the biggest advantages we can offer to young people to expand their understanding of how big this world really is.

Choosing us to book your business travel needs is really the best decision you can make for your travel needs.

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